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Over 40,000 property owners nationwide trust Real Property Management offices to manage their single family and multi-unit properties.

As North America’s largest residential property management franchise organization, Real Property Management has spent over 30 years honing systems and processes, re-engineering the way property management is done. Each office’s responsive team of highly-trained specialists is prepared to meet the extensive demands of property management – 24 hours a day. From evictions and troublesome tenants to marketing and understanding legal issues, they know what works, what rents, and how to get more from your property-with less interruption for you. They have the knowledge, licensing and insurance to save you money and avoid costly mistakes.

Residential property management can be a difficult business, which is why more investors are leaving their properties in the hands of professional managers. Whether you own one home or a large portfolio of investment properties, your local Real Property Management office has the expertise you can count on and trust.

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