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Hard Lesson in the Importance of Tenant Screening: Porn and Arson and Trespassing… Oh, My!

A Lesson in why thorough tenant screening is important.

Not everything goes as planned, but we can learn from these experiences.

Tod Wever, Owner Real Property Management Las Vegas, NV

Tod Wever, Owner Real Property Management Las Vegas, NV

As you know we thoroughly screen every tenant before we lease your property.  Here’s a story of why you don’t want to take this on yourself.

When a Las Vegas property owner struggled to evict a tenant, he hired Real Property Management.  The tenant was soon evicted to the owner’s satisfaction, but the owner’s poor tenant screening turned into a horrific nightmare with a lasting effect.

The Real Property Management crew found evidence that adult movies were being filmed on the location. Believing their unusual experience was behind them, Real Property Manage­ment began getting the house back in shape to rent.

But during the 2012 Super Bowl, the tenants broke in and had quite the party. Huge holes were knocked through the walls and damage was done throughout the house.

The excitement didn’t end there.  The Real Property Management team received a phone call that the house was on fire… and it was no accident.  The stove and gas valves had been turned on and accelerants were used to ignite the blaze.

And how did authorities know the tenants were involved? One of them caught himself on fire.

Neighbors were interviewed, arrests made and insurance claims submitted, and the case ran its course.  In the end, the property owner was so impressed with how the Real Property Management team handled the issues they continue to use our services today.

Proper tenant screening is a critical component of successful leasing.

“We document everything we do, and we always try to stay on good terms with tenants, but we’re also ready for anything,” said Tod Wever, owner of the local Real Property Management office in this story. His statement reflects how Real Property Management serves each and every client.

We take tenant screening very seriously to ensure we find the best tenant for your home. Before approving a tenant we screen the applicant’s credit, conduct a background check and research criminal history, call prior landlords and review job history. Had this property owner left it up to the experts, he would have had a much more pleasant experience with a different, less fire-friendly tenant.


We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. See Equal Housing Opportunity Statement for more information.