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How to Dress Up Your Rental

You can easily recall some of the places you have lived, and because price was often a major factor, you might be afraid of even visiting some of them now. Some may have been sparse, but clean enough; others needed a good cleaning, a trip to the city dump, and buckets of paint. Perhaps you took on some of these chores yourself and negotiated the rent a little with the property owner. Oh yes, the good old days.

Now you find yourself as the landlord and want to rent your “gently used” property as quickly and as profitably as possible. Here are some ideas to get started on renting out a home that may need some cosmetic help.




Many renters just do not have the money to live in a place they really, really want. So, they will be more flexible and willing to compromise on a new kitchen or spotless carpeting.

If you’re unwilling to reduce the rent, see if it’s in your budget to paint the cabinets, replace the carpet with lower grade (but new) carpeting, redo the countertops with laminate, or even include Internet or cable. It’s all about offering an incentive.

Let the renters help you redecorate. If your home is blessed with a particularly awful paint job, let your prospective tenants know that they can give input on the next color. Renters who are tired of drab pastels may jump at the opportunity to make personal touches to their unit, and this customization will give your listing more appeal. Consider decreasing the deposit as an incentive for the renters to purchase paint for this project, and provide final approval of the paint colors before the tenants begin painting.

Update your kitchen appeal by changing the cabinet handles and drawer pulls. Replacing this hardware is easy, and it’s also a good time to clean the cabinets and drawers or apply a fresh coat of paint. If the cabinets are in poor condition, consider removing them and painting the shelving. This open-look is very appealing.

Upgrade the lighting or install ceiling fans. Installing new lighting is an inexpensive way to quickly upgrade a room’s appearance and bring light to the area. Ceiling fans can lower utility costs and add comfort for many years.

Real Property Management has the experience and neighborhood contacts to aid you in making the right decisions at the right time for your fixer upper. Contact your local Real Property Management office and let our more than 30 years of experience guide you through the process of finding the right way to dress up your rental property for quicker leasing.